How to find the best cambrian lodge in B.C.

You’re likely familiar with the B.P.L. and C.M.L.’s famous maple forests, the iconic Pemberton’s Point and other iconic sites in the Bandshell National Park.

But what about the more exotic, but equally impressive, areas of the park?

In this week’s issue of the Canadian Geography, we take a closer look at some of the lesser-known, and arguably more appealing, spots in the province.


Bandshelf lodge: In the heart of B.A.D., a former log cabin, the Bancroft Lodge is a hidden gem of Bancros Mountain Provincial Park.

The lodge is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway on the back country, or a day hike to the beach, and even the best of them are worth exploring if you’re looking for a great way to get a quick and enjoyable run.

It’s located at the end of a rocky trail leading up to the lodge.

Admission: Free, but parking is available.

For more information, visit the Bancheshell Lodge website.


Pembert’s Point: Located just a few hundred metres north of the lodge, the famous Bancrop Point is a stunning, spectacular, and scenic spot.

The most striking feature of the site is the steep, rocky bluff where the lodge stands.

It was once the site of a massive logging operation that was dismantled in the 1970s.

After the log camp was dismantled, the site was used for a number of private residences and business ventures.

There are several small campsites scattered along the shore of the bluff, with more to be explored.

The site also features the historic Pemberts Point, which was a favourite stop on the 1857-58 expedition to the North American continent.

The Bancrotts Point and Pembertons Point are also popular sites for a day-long excursion to the ocean and the beaches of the area.

Admission to the Batsuit Point is free, but the best place to stay is in the North Beach Campground.

For details, visit Bancrots Point.

For a great list of popular Bancrophiles in the area, visit this page.


Red Deer Creek: This is an excellent spot for some family picnics, and for those looking to relax on a hot summer’s day.

The trail heads up to a massive granite rock wall that’s flanked by beautiful waterfalls.

The waterfalls have been known to attract wild geese.

The best place for a family picnic on the river is in Red Deer Creeks Pinnacle Campground, which is just a short walk from the lodge and the picnic area.

The campground is open to the public for all year round, and there are several designated campsites to choose from.

Admission is free.

For information on reservations, visit Red Deer Campground website.


Big Mountain Lake: This beautiful lake in Bancrts Creek National Park is a popular stop for families and friends.

The lake, which has been named Big Mountain, is a short, easy drive from the town of Big Rock.

The park has a great variety of hiking trails, and the area is a great place to stop for a nice lunch, a hike, or even a picnic.

Camping is also available.

The main campsite is in a forested area just south of the campground.

Parking is available, but there are plenty of free and discounted spots.

For reservations, contact Big Mountain National Park visitor services.


Mount Pleasant: A popular spot for day hikes, the summit of Mount Pleasant is a must-see in Bandshills National Park, and is a wonderful spot for family picns and a picnic, as well.

Located on the northern end of the Banchrots Mountain Trail, the view is spectacular.

There is also a wonderful lake just west of the campsite, and an area called The Big Lake.

Campground reservations are available for the summer.

For further information, contact the Banyans Point visitor services office.


Blue Mountain: Blue Mountain is the best spot for an overnight stay in Banchros Mountain National Parks.

There’s a beautiful setting to enjoy the spectacular scenery and great weather of the surrounding area, and this area is known for its fishing.

In addition, there are many campsites and restaurants to choose.

For the most comfortable stay in the park, there’s a lodge at Blue Mountain Lake.

The resort is accessible from the park and offers camping for a couple of nights.

For additional information, see Blue Mountain Lodge.

For many other great spots to visit in the national parks, please visit the parks website.