What you need to know about the island drive (photos)

Island Drive Lodge is one of the coolest places in the world to spend time with your loved ones.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you plan your visit and make sure you get the most out of your visit.

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How to get to Island Drive lodge from the mainland (photos): How to reach Island Drive from the West Coast?


The island drive is only accessible by boat: The island is a very short ride from the city and there are only a few ferry terminals on the mainland.


The beach on the island is spectacular: There are two beaches on the Island Drive.


The only other boat available is the ferry: The Island Drive ferry service only runs during summer months.


You can book a room for the night: The cost of a hotel room on the Isle Drive is a bit expensive.


The restaurant on the beach is fantastic: The only restaurant on Island Drive is called “Duck and Cover”.


The best place to visit in the Island is in the centre: The central beach is one hundred meters away from the beach.


There are several hiking trails in the island: There is a hiking trail in the central beach and a small trail along the shore.


The main road between the beach and the island has no traffic: It is very quiet.


You don’t need to pay for parking: You don,t need to buy a parking spot on the road.


There is no signboard or signs: It’s not the easiest to read in the summer, but the island’s nature makes it easy to get the details you need.


There isn’t much to see: The sun sets around 4 pm every day.


The sun rises at 11 am every day: The sunrise is visible all the way to the west.


There’s no traffic and no parking: There’s plenty of parking around the island and there is no traffic.


There aren’t many people on the street: There aren,t any people in the streets of the island.


The weather is warm: The temperature is very nice on the sunny beaches.


There should be a beach party on the morning of your trip: If you plan to visit the island, you should have a beach-themed party for the first time.


The water is clear and clean: The water isn’t muddy and the lake is very clear.


There shouldn’t be any noise: There shouldn,t be any people on Island.


You shouldn’t need a parking space: You shouldn,’t need any parking spaces on the islands.


There doesn’t seem to be a problem with traffic: There should,t,t.


There really is no need for a beach car: The beach is only about fifty meters from the shore, so there shouldn’t really be any problems.


The drive is a fun way to see the island while you’re out and about.


The views from the drive are awesome: There really aren’t any problems with the drive from the center.


The view is spectacular from the island car: There, it,s stunning.


There seems to be no problem with the water: It should be fine.


The road is clear from the road: It,s clear from all the traffic.