What’s in the new Wolf Creek lodge and what’s not?

Wolf Creek Lodge is getting a makeover in a big way.

Wolf Creek Lodge, the grand bear lodge that opened in 2014 and was home to some of the most iconic stories in the mountain, is closing.

The lodge is getting its first new exterior since the lodge closed in 2015 and will no longer be open to the public.

A few other things have changed, according to the lodge.

It will have a new, larger lobby and a new entrance.

They’re going to be replacing the lodge’s existing logo with one of the bears that are on display in the lodge, and they’re going be doing a better job of marketing the lodge to younger generations.

In addition, the lodge will have an outdoor theater, new seating and new food trucks, according the lodge website.

Other changes include: The lodge will be getting a new logo.

There will be a new outdoor theater.

Lounge seating will be added to the lobby.

New outdoor dining will be offered at the lodge as well as at the Bear Camp.

More food trucks and seating will go into the Bear and the Elk Camp.

It will also have a smaller patio and a bar with seating.

People can still buy the old lodge as a standalone attraction.