Cameron Lillard and the NBA All-Star Game have a new home at Skytop Lodge

Cameron Lillards premier lodging is set to be opened at the top of the Skytop Mountains.

The hotel, located in the foothills of Mt.

Hood in Oregon, is being named after the former Portland Trailblazers star and former All-Stars who are now in their 40s. 

Lillard has had a long and storied career in the NBA.

He made his NBA debut in 1994 with the Trail Blazers and had a stint with the Los Angeles Lakers before retiring.

Lillard currently serves as a broadcaster for ESPN and ESPN Radio.

Skytop Resort & Spa is located in Cascade Park, Oregon, about 40 miles south of Portland.

It has an outdoor pool and an indoor pool that overlooks the mountain. 

The hotel, which opened in November 2016, will feature an indoor and outdoor pool with heated water and a sauna.

Lillars guests will enjoy a restaurant, an espresso bar, barbeque grills and a bar, as well as the Sky Top Lounge, which will host up to 50 guests in the lobby.

The resort will also offer a fitness center, an indoor-outdoor tennis court, a saunas and a spa. 

Tamarack Resort & Resort is located on the Pacific Crest Trail, just off the coast of San Diego.

The Resort & Club is a luxurious hotel located on a 2,200-acre property owned by The Littles.

It is the second tallest resort in the state and offers guests a 360-degree view of the Pacific Ocean.

The entire resort is designed to maximize natural surroundings, including the spectacular views of the Littels beautiful resort property. 

Marvin Bagley Jr. and his son, Marvin Bagley, will be the hosts of the game for the third time in the past six seasons.

The NBA All Star Game will take place on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018, from 10 a.m. to noon at Sky Top Mountain Resort & Lodge, located at SkyTop, Oregon.

Tickets to the game are available now at or by calling (503) 848-3920.