When Great Wolf Lodge & Cabins closed, it was a loss for all involved

Posted June 22, 2019 09:15:31 Great Wolf is a lodge in California’s Cabins State Park.

It was a lodge when it closed in 2018, and it’s been a favorite for visitors since.

It has a fireplace, bar and barbershop. 

The lodge has had a few owners over the years, but for the most part, it’s operated out of the cabin’s garage.

The garage is owned by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which also runs a wildlife refuge.

It’s located in a part of the state that’s not well known for wildlife, and there have been reports of wolves there in the past. 

Cabins residents have been working to reopen the cabin for some time, but with the cabin being closed, there is no plan for when it will reopen. 

This is the latest chapter in the Great Wolf saga.

In 2018, the state and the Cabins management company were looking to move the lodge and a small number of other lodging options from their current property.

They planned to move a few of the cabins to a more private property on the lake, but the move didn’t go through.

“We’re just so grateful that we have this beautiful place here in the cabina,” said Michael J. Bohn, president of Great Wolf Properties.

“It was a huge loss for the people who were here.

It just doesn’t have a lot of options for us.

It wasn’t a big loss for us as far as the hotel.

We could have moved it, but we’re really happy with this place.”

Bohn said he hopes to find a replacement location for the lodge by early 2020.

A spokesperson for the California Fish and Game Department said the agency is not responsible for the management of a state park.

The state has a wolf sanctuary, but there are no plans to reopen Cabins, a decision that was taken when the state received the first complaint in 2018. 

Bohn told us the lodge was a favorite among people who come to the park for the outdoors. 

“It was great.

We loved it,” Bohn said.

“We had a lot in common with all the people that stayed at the cabin.

There was a lot to do here, and we really enjoyed the adventure.”

The Great Wolf has a reputation for being one of the best-kept secrets in the world, but that reputation has been challenged.

In February, the Great Wolf Lodge in Nevada closed. 

In 2019, a former resident of the Cabin told The New York Times that a wolf attack on her cabin killed her and left her for dead.

In 2017, an incident in the Nevada State Park in Reno, Nevada, left a woman with serious injuries.

After several other attacks, Cabins was closed and the park was closed to the public for several weeks.

The Great Wall of China in the desert in the Chinese province of Xinjiang was closed in 2015 after two young women were killed by a tiger.