What you need to know about power lodges

You don’t need to go far to find power lodgs in Yosemite.

For many, it’s a familiar destination.

The iconic red lodge in Yosemite National Park sits on the eastern edge of Yosemite, in the heart of the park.

A popular attraction, it attracts hundreds of visitors each year.

This year, the lodge is hosting a fundraiser to raise money for a new facility in Yosemite, where guests can choose from four options: power lodging, hot tubs, massage rooms, and saunas.

As the name suggests, the resort’s hot tub can be turned into a sauna.

In the summer, guests can enjoy a saunah, or hot tub in the shade.

Power lodges in Yosemite can be booked on the Yosemite Lodge website.

You can book your own room through the lodge’s website or through an Airbnb account.

Hot tubs in Yosemite Park are not yet available for reservation.

For more information, visit powerlodges.com.

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