‘We’ll do it’: Jenny Lake Lodge, Lake Quinault set for remodel

LAGOON, Idaho — A new lodge at the lodge apartments at Jenny Lake Resort is set to reopen later this year.

The lodge is located on the site of the former Lake Quinquean Lodge and House, which was closed in 2007.

The lodge, located at 7,000 square feet, has been renovated and opened for guests in 2016.

The new lodge will feature a large fire pit, pool area and spa, and the main lodge apartments will be renovated.

A restaurant and bar will be added to the resort.

The owners of the lodge say they have not yet determined the exact number of guests, but it is expected to be a small group.

They have opened the lodge for guests with disabilities in 2018 and for the families who have been staying at the Lake Quinas and House since 2006.