New episode of ‘Faking It’ finds dad in ‘dangerous’ role

By: Ryan O’Connor | Categories: Family,News,FakingIt,kids,kids-video,video games,video-games-series-episode-2,kids source MTV (UK)(Credit: MTV)The video game franchise “Faking it” has found its new dad.

In the episode “Facing the Devil”, a young man is forced to pretend to be a man in order to enter a virtual world called “Mojave”.

The character is forced into a deadly role: “He’s the bad guy,” he says.

The episode ends with a bang.

“He’s got to go back to the Mojave and face the devil, which is actually his real life,” says series creator Paul Mancuso.

“I wanted the kid to go through some sort of crisis.

He’s going to have to deal with his father, who’s not a great guy.”

In the series, the “real” Mojave has been overrun by “vampires” and the “vampire hunter” is played by a male character named Adam Jensen.

In order to escape, the boy has to fake his father’s death.

He goes through various trials, including running from his dad and making his own way to the virtual Mojave.

The father character in the episode is a “realistic” depiction of a real-life American Dad, according to Mancumos.

In fact, Mancums dad has had several children, and his real name is William Michael Mancuis father.

The series also featured “family” characters, including a son who was the “good” parent and a daughter who was a “bad” parent.

“My parents are real and they’re good people, and that’s the only thing that they’ve really changed about them, said Mancas son, Alex Mancuses son.”

So I think it’s just a reflection of who I am and who they were in real life.

“They’re real people and I respect them for that.”

Mancusos family is “not bad” and are “very normal” people, he said.

“It was kind of cool to see them change.

They had a lot of issues with their parents, but they’re very normal people and that really makes you feel good about yourself.”

The episode will be available to watch on MTV’s digital streaming service, and will be aired at 9pm (AEDT) on Tuesday.