‘Sickening’ to hear that one of Lakeland’s most iconic lodge rooms was destroyed by a tree

A group of Lakelands residents is calling on the town council to restore a lodge that was severely damaged by a massive oak tree in the middle of the day.

“It was sickening,” said Steve Leach, who lives in Lakeland.

“I’d never seen a tree like this before, I’d never heard of it, and it’s a bit of a surprise, I suppose.”

The lodge, called the Blue Lodge, was destroyed in the fall of 1875.

The tree, which was about a metre tall and 20 metres long, fell at about 8am on Wednesday, according to the town’s website.

“The tree was just sitting there and it had a lot of force, and I can’t tell you how many trees are in the lodge at any given time, but it was huge,” Mr Leach said.

“My house is over the top, and the tree was on the top of the house, so I can hardly walk down to the water and it didn’t have any impact on me, but I’m a big tree person.”

Mr Leah said he felt the trees had fallen in the wrong place.

“A lot of the trees in Lakelands are just over the side of the cliff.

It just seemed like a very natural place to do it,” he said.

A tree has been uprooted in the Blue and White lodge in Lake Land.

Residents also took to Facebook to share their horror. “

But I guess I can see why they’re doing that, because I have a neighbour that has a tree, so it’s very nice to have that, and if there’s a tree on the property, I just want it gone.”

Residents also took to Facebook to share their horror.

“What I’ve been saying to my friends is that they should do what they can to help the trees to be restored,” one user wrote.

“They’re very important to the environment and the lake and the people that live here.”

Another user, however, said the trees would be gone, although he would not remove his own.

“You can still come up and see it,” the user wrote, adding that the lodge was already in disrepair.

Mr Leak said he hoped the council would find the money to restore the lodge.

“We’re trying to get it up to a standard, and we’ve got a few friends that live around there that want to help out,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“If it doesn’t get rebuilt, it’s going to be gone.”

‘It was a very, very bad day’ The council website states that the Blue lodge was destroyed on a Wednesday evening and that the tree fell about a kilometre from the lodge and onto a fencepost.

“Several other trees had also fallen onto the fencepost, but the tree itself had not,” the website states.

The lodge was partially repaired in 1878, but some trees have been removed since then.

The Blue Lodge was restored in the late 1990s.

Mr Lach said he would like to see the lodge re-opened, but there are no plans to do so at the moment.

“People think it’s wonderful, they say it’s beautiful,” he explained.

“There are no trees in the area, there’s no water in the lake.

It’s a very bad night.”