How to keep your Freemasons happy

It’s hard to find a place to have a quiet evening, but if you’re a Freemason, you can use this handy guide to make it easier for them to keep the peace at your lodge.

We have included a few tips that we’ve found particularly helpful for the ladies in our lodge.1.

Make sure you don’t invite the ladies2.

If you’re having a dinner party, be sure you’re not inviting guests who are over 60 years old3.

Make it as fun as possible4.

If the guests have allergies, be aware that they might not be able to share a room with you5.

If guests are coming with kids, ensure that they are aware of the allergens they might have6.

If they have allergies or asthma, make sure they are well supervised7.

Make a good first impression by being polite, friendly and welcoming8.

Keep a list of guests’ allergies to your lodge9.

Use the ladies’ bathroom10.

Use a different toilet or toilet bowl11.

Have guests bring their own food to the lodge12.

Use more than one toilet at a time13.

Make the meal more memorable14.

If someone is feeling stressed, it’s best to ask for their support15.

If there’s someone on your guest list that is upset, it might be better to be there instead of someone else16.

If people are wearing ear plugs, they may be able see their ears17.

If it’s raining, have them change into wet clothes and take a shower18.

When guests leave your lodge, don’t just leave them at the door and expect them to come back19.

If a guest is on a tight schedule, have her attend the next meeting20.

Have a meeting before a busy time of the day if you need to21.

If your guests are getting a haircut, make it enjoyable22.

If an animal is being kept in the lodge, make the appointment23.

If animals are in the guest house, make them available to be petted24.

If somebody has a pet allergy, ask them to go and get their pet tested25.

If nobody is at the meeting, invite them to it26.

If everyone wants to get a drink, have it at the front of the lodge27.

If something is on your agenda that is not part of the meeting or in a special area, invite your guests to attend it28.

If everybody is on their own schedule, make a reservation for a group walk or meeting to come together at a different time.29.

If anyone has a disability, ask if they need to have someone with them30.

Have everyone go to the nearest hospital for any special appointments31.

If possible, make people feel welcome32.

When you invite a group, invite everyone in your group.

If no one is available, have everyone take turns.33.

If invited guests are wearing glasses, be polite and friendly and ask if you can share a drink or wash their face.34.

Make people feel welcomed if you are able to help them get dressed or have a drink.35.

Have your guests wear their own clothing if they are not wearing a coat.

If that means they can be left outside, they should wear a coat or hat36.

If in the process of having a meal or drink, invite guests to a break to talk it through and if everyone is able to, to talk a little about the experience37.

If at the end of the meal, someone is upset with the meal or drinks, make your guest feel welcome38.

If on your own, invite everybody to go for a walk together to talk about their feelings39.

If one of your guests is not at the table, invite someone else to take over40.

If some people are on a break, invite people who are at a meeting, and invite everyone to take a break.41.

When a guest needs to leave the lodge or is having a problem, make an appointment to speak to a doctor42.

If visitors are arriving with children, make everyone have a talk with their parents.43.

If if you have guests who need to leave early, have someone wait in the car with them for the hour that they arrive44.

If having a birthday party or a party for someone with a special birthday, have people take turns45.

If two people are coming to a special meeting, have a table set up so everyone is there.46.

If children are at the party, make everybody bring their lunch47.

If kids are not invited, ask a guest to come and make a suggestion48.

If dinner is being prepared, make reservations for a table49.

Have an open house, and be sure to include as many guests as possible50.

If all guests are staying in the same room, be extra polite51.

Have people check in at the next table52.

If anybody is getting a headache, make that person stay for a while, then make sure everyone is ok53