How to get to the NHL’s Dallas Stars game without a car

A new game mode will allow players to take a taxi, carpool, or bike ride to the Dallas Stars home game against the Winnipeg Jets.

The new game, called the ‘Cab Ride to the Game,’ is designed to be played in one sitting, with the cab driving players to and from the arena.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in getting this done, and I think the game is really great for the fans,” Stars coach Lindy Ruff said.

“It gives them the opportunity to come to the game, to see their favorite players and get some great entertainment.”

The cab ride feature was designed to help players get around town.

It also comes with some new features, including a “carpool mode” where players can choose to take their carpool to the arena to watch the game.

“The game mode is pretty exciting,” Ruff said of the new feature.

“You’re able to take your carpool ride from your hotel, you can choose between a downtown downtown or suburban area and you’re able a take a cab or a bicycle to the team hotel to get around.

We’re very excited to have this feature, and the city of Dallas really has embraced this and has really embraced this.”

Cab ride mode is one of many features the team is planning for the game in 2017-18, with other highlights include an expansion draft, the expansion draft will be on Saturday, the Stars will be playing their first game in Texas for over a year, and there will be some fun new ways to enjoy the game from a wheelchair.

“I think the most exciting thing that this game mode brings is the ability to experience the atmosphere of the game and the players are playing the game at the highest level they’ve ever played,” Ruff added.

“We’ll definitely have some exciting moments on this trip.”