Beavers Bend Lining Lodging Lodging & Spa for $1,200 per Night

LANDING SPRINGS, Texas – A new lodging option at Lodge Slinger, the former motel on the corner of U.S. 59 and East St. Charles streets in Spring Springs, has been announced.

The Lodge is opening to guests for a discounted rate of $1.200 per night for single occupancy and $1 per night per guest for double occupancy, with a minimum stay of two nights.

The Lodge is located in the heart of downtown Spring Springs.

Lodge Slinger is owned by The Lodge House, a real estate company based in the city of Spring Springs that is located at 1245 S. St. Clair Ave.

The company has operated Lodge Slingers hotels since 2011.

Locations of The Lodge house are listed on Airbnb, which allows guests to book lodging at the Lodge, along with nearby restaurants and other businesses.

Guests can also rent rooms from other hotel guests and use The Lodge’s own pool, spa, fitness center and a fitness room.

The hotel also offers a private lounge, a kitchen, a gift shop and a private laundry room.

The new lodging is located across from the Spring Springs Water Park, a $2.4 million playground that opened in October 2017.

The city of Dallas plans to build the $200 million Spring Springs Aquatic Park in the Spring and will add more facilities to the park.

The Spring and nearby area will also receive a water park.