How the Disney film Frozen got the Frozen name in Australia

A Disney animation film about a snow globe has been given the Frozen nickname in Australia.

The Disney film, titled Frozen, was released in the US in December and will be released in Australia in April.

Disney is not the only company that has taken advantage of the film’s popularity.

The ABC has discovered that a local business called The Mitten is now using the Frozen franchise as a branding campaign.

The Mitten sells sweets for kids and children’s clothing.

A spokesperson for the Mitten told the ABC the company had been approached by a Disney company to use the Frozen brand on its clothing.

The spokesperson said the company was happy to use their products and that the Frozen branding would be used on their website.

“The Mitty has been contacted by a number of brands who are keen to use our Frozen products, which are also available at other retailers in the region,” the spokesperson said.

“As a small business, we have had to do this for a few years now, but we are now in the process of opening up to new markets and looking to expand our product range.”

We also do a range of Frozen-themed events across Australia.

“In the future, we are looking to develop Frozen branded products across a range in future.”

The Frozen name was first used in the movie Frozen, released in December.

“Frozen” is a fictionalised version of the popular Disney film.