Which hospital will be the best?

Tenaya Lodge in the state of Bali is no stranger to controversy.

As the largest private hospital in Indonesia, it has been criticised for its poor patient care and low quality of care.

A report by the Independent Commission Against Corruption said it failed to provide a safe, adequate and modern hospital.

Now the government is considering a plan to turn the hospital into a nursing home, with plans to convert it into a primary care facility.

The government has also said it wants to close the hospital, which was opened in 1999.

In its place, the Government of Indonesia plans to turn it into an incubator facility for young people who want to work in the health sector.

The report from the independent commission against corruption said the facility would only be used for “care, rehabilitation, or medical services”.

In a statement on its website, the government said: “We have decided to start a pilot project of a medical and nursing home at Tenaya lodge.

This will be an incubation centre for people who are in need of rehabilitation and rehabilitation services.

The project will not only help people, but also provide an opportunity for the rehabilitation and recovery of the health system.

This project is being done as a part of the national health agenda.”

In April, the health minister said the health care system in Bali needed “modernisation”.

“There is a need to bring our health care in line with the latest developments and developments in the world,” he said.