Former football star is in hot water for making anti-Semitic joke

A former England international has been accused of making a homophobic slur at a Glasgow bar, a court has heard.

The unnamed man was in Glasgow on the eve of the Scottish Cup final in April when a group of men gathered and began chanting homophobic abuse.

The incident happened outside the bar on the outskirts of Glasgow at about 1.15am.

Mr Johnson, who has since moved to Australia, was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm and causing alarm or distress to the public.

The victim was not injured.

The incident was reported to police by the victim. “

The fact that he was in Scotland at the time and had no idea what was going on is the most worrying part of it.”

The incident was reported to police by the victim.

They then interviewed the victim and he told them the men who were shouting at him were trying to provoke him.

He denied the charges. “

And he said ‘oh yes, I’m going to punch you’.” The accused, a 26-year-old man from Scotland, was remanded in custody and charged with assaulting a public servant.

He denied the charges.

Mr Joseph said the incident was an “egregious abuse of power”.

He added: “This man’s life was in danger, and he’s a victim of that abuse.”

He said the case would now be investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service.

He added that the alleged victim’s family were “really upset”. “

He is a professional rugby player, he’s very well-respected and he has been in Scotland for about a year and a half.”

He added that the alleged victim’s family were “really upset”.

Police have said they are aware of the alleged incident and are working with the victim to establish the details of the incident.

Police said they had no further comment.

A spokesman for Glasgow city council said: ‘It was a normal occurrence in the area and that was not an issue.

“A group of four or five men were making a nuisance of themselves by singing abuse at a group sitting in the street outside the pub.”

A group member of the public intervened and tried to intervene in the dispute.

“They were removed and taken away in handcuffs.”

The offender was then arrested by police.

“We will be investigating whether any criminal offences have been committed.”