How to build a moat at the Glenmullen Reservoir in Ireland

In September, the Scottish Government announced it had completed the construction of a moats at the northernmost part of Glenmoor Reservoir, which sits in the foothills of the Mooch.

The site, at the mouth of the Glenmore Mountains, was built with the help of £2.5 million from the Scottish National Lottery.

Glenmully Reservoir has been closed since September 2017.

“We’re really pleased with how this project has gone,” said the director of the National Lotteries, Chris McAlpine.

“It’s a really good example of the kind of investment we can make with National Lotters’ money.”

In October 2017, the first of three major moorings was completed, extending the length of the Reservoir.

The reservoir is currently only three metres deep.

The project will eventually expand the length to six metres.

“There is a lot of work to be done here but this is a significant milestone for the site and a great way to showcase the National Parks’ ability to develop and manage natural areas,” said National Parks Minister Alan Kelly.