How ‘Jenny Lake’ was the last place you’d think to leave a note of goodbye to your loved one

Jenny Lake Lodge, Montana — The day you die has been the most beautiful day of your life.

For most of you, it’s the day you leave the world and your loved ones behind and go to the woods, to the creek, to your beloved home.

For Jenny Lake, however, that day has been nothing like that.

She’s been living in the woods since 2009, when her life changed forever.

Jenny had lived in a tiny house in the remote town of Lacey for nearly 10 years when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

She says she was on her way to the doctor when she found out she had Type 2, and decided to stay in the town.

She’d been living alone for nearly three years.

When she returned home in 2014, Jenny noticed that her house was in a complete state of disrepair, so she decided to sell the home and start her own business, Jenny Lake Skiing.

Now, she’s living out of a suitcase and has been living at the cabin in her backyard since June.

Her story isn’t unique, says Jenny Lake’s daughter, Kayla.

She also has Type 2.

But when Jenny went into treatment for Type 2 at a local clinic in 2015, her doctors told her that she had more than a year left to live.

They gave her a few months of medication to help her stay alive.

But Jenny Lake says that they didn’t expect her to live to see her 70th birthday in May.

She says she spent most of the past year in the hospital recovering from surgery.

The doctors also told Jenny that she should not have gotten insulin, and to get on a medication regimen that would help her live longer.”

But they told me that I’m in good hands, that I was able to keep my diabetes at bay.”

The doctors also told Jenny that she should not have gotten insulin, and to get on a medication regimen that would help her live longer.

She didn’t want to be a burden to her family and her friends.

So, she decided she’d take that chance to make her life a little bit easier, and she decided not to have a regular appointment with a doctor until she was 100 years old.

So when Jenny Lake came home from the hospital on January 31, she left a note with a photo of herself.

Her daughter Kayla had been working to organize it for a family friend.

Kayla says she didn’t have any trouble getting it to the person who would accept it.

Jenny Lake was able and signed it, and Kayla has been able to hold it in her hands.

It is a picture of Jenny Lake with her beloved dog, Lacey.

“It’s not like I have a big family anymore.

She has a little one now.

But it still has the same heart and soul,” Kayla says.”

I just wanted to let her know that I know she is loved and I will always love her.”

Jenny and Lacey are two of a kind in the community.

They are both very involved in the local community and the ski areas they live in.

They love skiing and they are both active outdoors.

Jenny’s family has had some difficulties lately.

She was told that the house she rented in 2015 was sold.

But Jenny has been keeping it in storage and it hasn’t been taken off the market.

Kayla, however is worried about how the house might be used and will need to move it.

Kayle says Jenny will be a big part of Lacy in the future.

She said it’s going to be the best time of her life to go skiing, and if it’s a chance to go camping, she is so excited about it.

The lake is a special place.

I think that Jenny Lake has so much more to offer than just skiing.”