How to make a great DIY ski lodge: DIY video guide

When the snow melts, you can build your own ski lodge.

Here are the essentials to learn how to create a ski lodge that you can rent for the season.1.

Start small1.

Make a base of fabric2.

Create a baseplate3.

Add the baseplates4.

Cut the baseplate5.

Add a roof and roof cover6.

Sew on the roof and/or roof cover7.

Add some snow to the roof8.

Add more snow and/ or more fabric9.

Fold the roof back and/ and add the sides10.

Add roof panels11.

Fold back the sides and add more fabric12.

Add insulation13.

Add snow chains14.

Add your snow and fabric15.

Add and cut your baseplates16.

Cut your baseplate, add the base plates and roofcover17.

Cut out your base plate, add baseplates and roof.18.

Sew together your base plates19.

Fold and sew together your roof, add your base and roof and add your snow chain and add insulation.20.

Sew up the base and add an optional snowboard to your base.