Polygon: “Snowbird Lodge” is a winter lodge built for people of all ages, and it’s located in Calistoga, Oregon

The owner of Snowbird Lodge says the building is built to be a winter resort, and he’s just one of many to offer guests the opportunity to stay there for the winter.

The property’s website says the lodge is located in Snowbird, which is in the Pacific Northwest, about 45 minutes north of Portland.

The website says Snowbird’s owner, Bruce Holcomb, bought the property in the early ’90s from the late John Hargrove, who built his resort there in the late 1960s.

In the late ’90, the property was purchased by the Holcomb family, who opened a restaurant called The Hargroches in the area.

That restaurant was a major hit, and The Haggros eventually moved to the nearby ski resort of Snowhawk.

The Haughers had planned to renovate the building into a winter home, but it was deemed too expensive to build it in the first place, Holcomb said.

The owner’s site plan says the winter lodge would offer the following features: • A large outdoor patio.

• The ability to store all the gear needed for the day.

• A small kitchen.

• Two bathrooms.

• Outdoor fireplace.

• Ice bath.

The interior would be furnished with a large fireplace, and the site plan also includes plans for a small guesthouse with a fire pit and a firepit grating.

The site plan calls for a large outdoor kitchen, and a small kitchen with a fireplace.

It’s not clear what type of dining room the owners have in mind for the facility, but Holcomb suggested they could use a traditional buffet-style kitchen.

A large-scale outdoor pool could be built on top of the pool, and there are plans for some outdoor seating.

A fire pit grating would be used for cooking.

“Snowbirds’ owners have been wanting to build a winter facility for many years, and this is the perfect time to do so,” Holcomb wrote on the site.

The owners have already been through extensive remodeling on the property.

The first phase of the property, which was purchased in the ’90’s, included the construction of a restaurant and guesthouse.

The hotel was a success, but the owners did not renovate until 2001, and then the project was scrapped in 2005.

The new owners, which included John and Julie Holcomb and David and Janet Holcomb from California, did some renovations and decided to build their own home.

Holcomb is the co-owner of the Snowbird Ski Resort.

The Holcombs are listed on the Portland, Oregon, property’s listing on the Oregon Department of Development Services website as being part of the “developers, homeowners and homeowners association.”

The owners of the site were notified of the project in the spring, but no decisions were made on whether or not to move forward with construction.

Holcom said he hopes to reopen the building sometime this summer.

The snowbird lodge’s website, which lists a “summer season” as the plan for the new location, says the property will be “winter-ready and open for use by all the members of the community.”

It doesn’t say when the resort will open.

The Snowbird lodge is listed on The Houghes’ website as having been built in the 1950s.

The page doesn’t list the age of the structure, but said it was built “for the winter.”

It also lists the owner’s address as being in the same town as the Holcpens’ property, and says the Haughes moved from the resort to a larger house in Oregon in the 1960s, so the site could have been built during that time period.

The developers of the resort have not responded to requests for comment.