Student: The lodge disneys should be shut down

A student at a campus lodge at Tampines, in Melbourne’s north-west, has hit out at Disney, claiming it should be banned from being in the state’s universities.

Key points:Mikis Lodge student and former Disney employee Andrew O’Connor says Disney’s ‘Disney-like’ culture is a big problem for universitiesThe lodge is located at the University of Melbourne campus and has a ‘Disneyian’ themeDisney and Disney World have been linked to health issuesA student at the lodge told ABC Radio Melbourne that the Disney-like culture was a big issue for universities.

“I think Disney has been around for many years and they’ve become a big part of our society,” Andrew Oden wrote on Facebook.

“When you go to Disney you get a sense of being part of the family and it’s just very strange.”

Mr Oden, who also runs the popular YouTube channel “The Magic Castle”, is not the only student who has been upset by Disney’s “Disney-esque” culture.

“There is no question Disney has a huge influence on our schools and universities, and I think Disney is a huge part of that,” student Emma Paine said.

“We’ve been told that they’re the best thing that has happened to Disney in Australia for a long time.”

That has to be stopped.

“Disney has previously come under fire for using a racially offensive phrase in a series of videos about a black family’s life in the Walt Disney World Resort.

The resort’s parent company, Disney Enterprises, said that the term was “misinterpreted” and apologised to the families who had been offended.

The term “troublemaker” was removed from the resort’s website and replaced with the phrase “tough love”.ABC Radio Melbourne’s James Pyle has spoken to a number of former Disney employees, and he has also spoken to Mr Oden and Emma Pile, who run the popular Youtube channel The Magic Castle.

He said that Disney’s attitude towards the Indigenous community had been “totally disrespectful”.”

I have a lot of sympathy for the Disney family, because I think they are very, very, much like that,” Mr Pyle said.”[They] are just very racist.

“He said he did not understand why Disney had chosen to use a racist term for the Indigenous people they had recently relocated to Australia.”

The people who were relocated there, the Indigenous population was completely destroyed, it was totally decimated, so why would they use that racist term?

“They’ve taken a lot from us, but I think the real reason for that is that they think they have a monopoly on that kind of language.”ABC Radio’s James Burch has contacted Disney for comment.