The biggest of the red feather lodge lodges are getting a makeover

The red feather lodges in the Nelson, Coorparoo and Red Deer areas of Western Australia have been getting a big makeover.

The Red Feather Lodge on the North Coast is getting an aerial view of a new lodge that will be completed by late next year.

The lodge will feature a new roof, new flooring, new curtains and a new bed.

There will be a new bar area and a fully equipped kitchen.

Red Feather Lodge is located at the end of the Blue Ridge Road.

“The new red feather is going to be a really big change for us and we’re excited about that,” owner Jackie Lee said.

“It’s a very special and special part of the lodge.

It’s just really a place where you can relax and have a good time with your mates.”

The new Red Feather lodge has been in the same area for 20 years.

Jackie Lee said they were hoping to have the new lodge up and running by the end for the coming winter.

“We’ve been working on it for a number of years, so we’ve had a good run on it,” she said.

The building was first constructed in 1978 and had previously been the site of the Red Feather Lighthouse and the Red Deer Lighthouse, but the Red Eagle Lodge was closed in 2000 due to lack of funds.

“People don’t know the Red Ears, the Red Fingers, Red Feathers,” Jackie Lee explained.

“But we’ve built the Red Ferns Lodge for them.”

The Red Fern Lighthouse opened in the 1920s and the red feathers were first flown in the 1930s.

The new lodge will have an outdoor terrace and a large outdoor dining area.

The hotel room will feature two double beds and a queen bed, while there will be space for a queen suite with two double bedrooms and a king suite.

There are also three double bedrooms for guests to share.

The main room will be equipped with a double bunk, a double bath and a bed.

It is also designed to be an overnight lodge and a private room.

Red Fern Lointing will also have a new menu, which will include fresh fish, lamb, chicken and a range of other fresh and seasonal items.

“There are a lot of different dishes that we have in the dining room that are not available in other restaurants,” Jackie said.

“So we have a whole range of food that we’re not going to offer in other dining rooms.”

The lodge is set to open in early 2019 and is expected to bring more than 200 new guests a year.