How to get into a wolf lodge in Montana

From the air, the mountain-top lodge is a peaceful place where guests gather on a balcony to watch the stars.

But the lodge has become a place where people can get a taste of what it’s like to live in an open-air, wolf-free lodge.

In recent years, a number of new wolf-friendly lodges have sprung up in the state.

Among the latest, Wolf Lodge Resort, opened in 2017, is the world’s first open-floor wolf-safe lodge.

Its owner, Jackson Hole, is also a retired ski instructor who runs the Montana Wolf Lodge Club.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, he explained why it’s important to be a wolf-positive hostel in Montana.

“We’re an open, friendly environment,” he said.

“When you’re talking about a lodge, you don’t want to be like a hotel, where people are walking around with guns and dogs.”

Jackson has a history with wolves, which he said is a good reason why he’s open to them in the lodge.

“If you have an opportunity to be outdoors, you want to share it with your family and friends,” he explained.

“It’s a chance to share your life, your stories and your culture with someone who is just as much part of it as you are.

That’s the reason I’m here.”

A wolf-proof lodge The lodge has a big wall of windows overlooking the water.

This means guests can walk out in the middle of the night, with no sound or light pollution, and get a good view of the sky and stars.

Jackson said he has spent more than $20,000 on his new lodge, and he’s not worried about the wolves.

“I’m a big believer in wolves,” he told Al Jazeera.

“You’ve got to take them out of the equation if you want them to thrive.”

The lodge itself is made of reclaimed wood, which is made from salvaged timber from the mountain.

The cabin and dining area are both made of salvaged oak.

In the evenings, guests can enjoy a BBQ, or sit outside and relax in the cabin.

“Our guests are really enjoying it.

They’re taking care of each other, and they’re enjoying the time they’ve got together,” Jackson told Alja.

Jacksons wife, Melissa, who is a ski instructor, said she’s been working on making the lodge a wolf sanctuary for about 10 years.

“A lot of people don’t like to be around wolves, and we are not the kind of people who do,” she said.

So when Melissa found out about Jackson’s new lodge on Facebook, she decided to set up a fundraising page.

She told Aljazeera that she and her husband were inspired by the lodge’s Facebook page and decided to give it a try.

“They were really nice, and that’s why we decided to take the plunge,” she told Alje.

“The money raised will be used to buy some more space in the property, which will make it a little more bearable for wolves.”

Wolf-safe accommodation in Montana Jacksson and Melissa have set up the fundraising page for Wolf Lodge and intend to open a wolf safe lodge next year.

“This is a place that we can have a place for our family, and for our dogs,” Jacksoned said.

The lodge will have two dining areas, a lounge area, and a bar and grill.

Guests can use the lounge to unwind with a cocktail or to enjoy a game of board games.

Jack and Melissa are also aiming to make the lodge the “wolf-proof” lodge.

They said it will only allow guests to get in and out through the door, which means they can only see the lodge from a window.

Guests will also have to wear a wolf mask and have a muzzle, which they said will prevent people from entering the lodge with weapons.

“There’s not a chance of anyone getting into the lodge,” Jack told Aljamain.

“All of our equipment will have to be kept completely secured.

It’s not going to be something that people could easily get into.”

Wolf safety laws in Montana As part of the wolf safety plan, the state has set up guidelines for visitors to lodge at the lodge, including having a muzzle and a muzzle-like device.

They also require that visitors wear a “wolf mask” to enter the lodge and to remain outside during the day.

“Muzzle devices are used by hunters to control and observe wolves, while they’re out in nature,” the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Tourism said in a statement.

“Anyone who sees a wolf, including a person who has been tagged by a wolf will be notified by a ranger and be given a warning and a citation.”

The rules also say that a wolf can only enter a lodge when it is being observed.

Jack explained that his lodge will be the first wolf-reserved