How to find your next big break

With the recent influx of tech companies looking to hire local talent, many big names in the industry have decided to stay in California.

The industry is booming and it’s easy to find great opportunities.

Here are the top jobs in the valley to check out.1.

Head of Sales at the Valley Lodge Hotel, San Francisco2.

Founder and CEO of a new digital agency, a local tech startup3.

Founder of a global start-up4.

Executive VP and Chief Strategy Officer at a company that sells software and hardware5.

CEO of an IT company in the Valley6.

CEO at a software company in California7.

CEO and founder of a start-ups incubator8.

Head engineer for a technology company9.

Executive director at a non-profit organization in the Bay Area10.

Head architect at a public housing agency in the Westlake area11.

Senior partner at a tech start-off in the East Bay12.

Director of engineering at a start up in the San Francisco Bay Area13.

President and CEO at the National Institute of Economic Research14.

Co-founder of a social media startup15.

Executive partner at an education and health care technology company16.

Founder at a venture capital firm17.

Managing partner at the Venture Capital Association18.

Founder & CEO of the Valley Community Development Agency19.

Cofounder of the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce20.

Executive Director of the Oakland Public Library21.

CoFounder of the California Institute for the Arts22.

Founder, founder, cofounder of an incubator23.

Co founder of the University of California-Berkeley24.

Co Founder of the Los Angeles Center for the Performing Arts25.

Head coach at the University for Women25.

Executive associate at the Silicon Beach Community College26.

Director, Innovation & Development at the California Museum of Art27.

Founder for the Silicon Bay Area Council of Governments28.

Cofounder, co-founder, founder of an accelerator29.

Co founding partner at CalFresh30.

Co co-founder of a local startup31.

Co Co Founder at the West Bay Area Chamber of Government32.

Co Founding Partner at the Los Altos County Chamber of Business33.

Co partner at Google in Santa Clara34.

Co executive partner at Airbnb35.

Co member of the board of the Pacific Legal Foundation36.

Co board member at the Greater San Jose Chamber of Arts37.

Co chairman at the Bay Center for Entrepreneurship38.

Co president of the Bay Community College39.

Co Board Member for the Bay Bay Area Leadership Group40.

Co CEO of Google in San Jose41.

Co Chairman of the advisory board for the Palo Alto Area Chamber42.

Co chair at Google’s new office in Menlo Park43.

Co Senior Advisor to the Silicon Alley Chamber of Technology44.

Co Member of the Board of Advisors at the American Museum of Natural History45.

Co Chair at the Palo Verde County Chamber for Community Development46.

Co VP of Strategy at the Center for Innovation in Silicon Valley47.

Co President and Chief Executive Officer at the Santa Clara County Economic Development Corporation48.

Co Executive Director for the California Academy of Sciences49.

Co Vice President at the Mountain View Community Foundation50.

Co Director of Operations at the San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau51.

Co Head of Global Sales and Business Development at a leading tech company in Southern California52.

Co General Manager at a local technology start- up in California53.

Co head of sales for a global company54.

Co Managing Director of an online marketing firm in the Silicon Desert55.

Co Chief Technology Officer at an IT start-Up Company56.

Co Marketing Director at a technology start up company57.

Co Global Head of Finance at the Southern California Partnership Council58.

Co Business Development Manager at the North County Chamber 59.

Co Manager of Corporate Finance at Google60.

Co Sales & Marketing Director for an online advertising agency61.

Co Corporate Vice President of Business Development for the San Fernando Valley62.

Co Digital Strategist at a global technology start off company63.

Co Owner of a company in Silicon valley64.

Co Lead Technical Director at the South Bay Regional Chamber of Industry65.

Co Regional Director for Digital Marketing at a large tech company66.

Co Partner at a major software company67.

Co Public Policy Analyst for a major tech start up68.

Co Political Strategist for a Silicon Valley start up69.

Co Marketer for a public school in the South West70.

Co Media Relations Director for a local media company71.

Co Project Manager at an educational technology start start up72.

Co Program Director for Public Policy for a government agency73.

Co Product Manager for a national software company74.

Co Operations Manager for an IT startup75.

Co Technical Advisor for a private company in Northern California76.

Co Entrepreneurial Development Manager for the Northern California Partnership Coalition77.

Co Policy Consultant for a tech company78.

Co Strategy Consultant at a private equity firm79.

Co Campaign Director for another company80.

Co Event Manager for another tech