Why does Alberta get so little snow?

The National Weather Service in Alberta has forecast snowfall in the region this week that will add to the record snowfall the province experienced in December and January.

“The snow is expected to begin on Monday, January 10th, and will continue through the next two days,” said Meteorologist Bill McMullen.

“This is the longest-lasting snowfall on record in the province.”

As of Thursday morning, the city of Calgary had recorded more than 1.1 million millimetres of snowfall, according to the Calgary Weather Office.

The city is also forecasting snowfalls of about 1.5 million millimeters, with about 3,200 millimetre or more forecast for the rest of the week.

In the west, Winnipeg has had nearly 3 million millimeter snowfall through Friday, but there are concerns it could be even higher this week.

As of Wednesday night, Winnipeg had a total of 663,000 millimeters of snow, according the Weather Centre.

In total, the Winnipeg area has recorded more snowfall than any other city in Canada in 2017.

The snowfall will continue into next week and into the week after that.

The forecast for Calgary and Edmonton is looking even worse.

The Weather Centre has predicted more than 500 millimetes of snow and has been warned the city could see more than 5,000 in the coming days.

The Environment Canada meteorologists office says the city should expect to see a lot of snow over the next few days.