Which hotel chain can beat the competition in 2018?

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is calling for the country’s major hotel chains to make it easier for guests to stay in hotels and restaurants.NAR CEO Steve Ellis told USA TODAY that his group wants to see major hotels offering free-to-enter and “unlimited room rates” on a “comprehensive” basis.

Ellis told USA Today that his groups goal is to make “more hotel chains, particularly chain-operated ones, competitive for guests and reduce the amount of time it takes to find a room and get a reservation.”

The group’s recommendations for how to achieve the goal include more frequent bookings, longer hours and higher rates for single rooms.

Elles said he wants the hotels to be “more accessible, more flexible, and more inviting” to guests, and the NAR’s recommendations are being considered by the Department of Commerce, which oversees hotels.

Ells said the NAF is working with hotel chains on “strategies and plans to create a national standard” that would allow guests to book rooms for an hour and half at a time, rather than a full hour, at a hotel.

The NAF also wants the industry to “adopt a suite model” to offer a suite experience that’s closer to a hotel than a standard room.NAF President Tom Gower told USA NOW that hotels should consider “the potential of a suite-type service model” and not “the suite model.”

Gower said the industry has to take a holistic approach to hotel design and amenities, including ensuring that the rooms available are “fully accessible to the most people possible,” and that “room amenities should be designed with guests in mind.”

“The key to creating a hotel that is truly memorable for its guests is to create rooms that are fully accessible to them, and that’s what we are working on in this area,” Gower said.