What you need to know about the first DLC for Final Fantasy XV

By Casey Johnston In an interview with Eurogamer, Final Fantasy Versus XIII producer Yosuke Matsumoto explained that a DLC for the game is not expected to release until the summer of 2019.

“It will be about five to 10 months after launch,” Matsumotos statement read.

“We’re not going to say when it’s coming out, but I’d say it’s probably not until about 2019.

So, yeah, we’re not talking about any specific dates for the next DLC at this time.”

In addition to Final Fantasy XIII, the series’ third entry in the series, Matsumots also mentioned that a second downloadable expansion for Final Fight is in development, but the developer said that they didn’t want to reveal anything too soon.

“We’re still very busy working on the expansion,” Matsunas statement read, “but there’s still no firm release date or any other details.”