Deer, Skamania, and Mount Airy Lodge in British Columbia: What’s new and different

Posted August 07, 2018 09:29:30 The Deer, Skiing, and Mountain Lodge in Western Canada is undergoing an $8.5 million renovation.

It was originally built in 1924 and closed in 2012.

Located at the base of the mountainside in British Colombia, the lodge was once a popular ski resort.

Today, the park operates as a visitor attraction and is home to many wildlife species.

A total of 1,400 people visit the park every day, with the majority of visitors arriving at the ski lift and resort entrance.

The lodge was closed in the early years of the ski season due to a number of health issues and the building of a new visitor centre.

In 2018, the facility reopened and has been receiving visitors ever since.

Here’s what’s new, and what’s been added in the past year.


A new visitor center, ski lift, and ski lift cabins have been added to the Lodge.

These facilities are accessible to visitors and staff with disabilities.

They offer a complete range of ski equipment, including snowboards, board rentals, sleds, ice machines, and more.

The ski lift is currently open to guests and staff.

There is also a new lift that lifts guests from the resort, ski resort cabins, and lift buildings.


The new visitor area at the top of the mountain is currently under construction.

The area is expected to open in early 2019.


In November 2019, the ski and snowboard lift cabin area will be opened to visitors.

The lift will be accessible to guests with disabilities, but only those who are at least 18 years old and have a medical exemption.


The Lodge will open its first snowboard snow park and snow board area in 2019.

This area will offer snowboard rental and instruction for those with disabilities and will be the only snowboard park in British Columbia that allows snowboarding.


The Skamaniak Ski and Snowboard Lodge has been added as a destination for snowboarders with special needs.


In June 2019, an addition of 2,500 square metres of new retail space was added to The Lodge.


The Deer Lodge was opened to the public in February 2020.


The Mount Air, Skanai, and Skiing Lodge was reopened in November 2020 and is now operated as a ski resort and lodge.


The Ski Resort and Lodge was re-opened in December 2020.


In October 2020, a new guest accommodation opened at the Deer and Skamia Lodge.

The newly renovated guest accommodation features new, modern facilities.

The facility has the capacity to accommodate up to 400 guests.

The guest accommodation will be located on the second floor of the Deer Lodge.


The Pukawichin Ski and Skanakins Ski Lodge is currently undergoing an upgrade.

The upgrade includes new snow equipment, equipment rental, and a new snow park.

The upgraded Pukawaichin Lodge will be open to the general public in 2019 and will also be the new location for the Deer Ski and Ski Area.


The park’s winter recreation centre has been expanded to accommodate a total of 25,000 guests.


The resort is now a multi-use park that will include a new outdoor rink, a multi of sport arena, and an expanded outdoor recreation centre.


In July 2019, a second ski lift was opened at The Lodge, bringing a total capacity of 20,000 skiers and snowboards to the park.

This lift will offer the ski area a new, more challenging level of accessibility.

The additional lift, however, will be reserved for those who require an assistance vehicle.

The addition of a second lift is expected in early 2020.


In April 2020, the Skamana Ski and Pukamans Ski Area was reclassified from a ski lift to a snow park, a designation that is currently used for the Skamiak, Pukalas, and Skamias ski areas in B.C. 16.

In March 2020, an additional 3,000 square metres were added to Skamanda, Pakam, and Pukeko Ski Areas.

Skamamana is currently being renovated to provide the highest quality, snow equipment and instruction.


In May 2020, additional snow equipment was added at the Ski Lodge.

This equipment is for those on a disability or who are in a special needs setting.

Skamina, Pekam, Puke, and Sakeki Ski Areas are currently being updated.


In September 2020, all snow equipment at the Skammans, Pikamans, and Snowmaks ski areas were upgraded.

The upgrades included snowboards and snow gear rentals for snow-skiers with special conditions.

Skamin and Pikama Ski Areas currently only allow snowboarding and snow