Why do some people prefer the smell of sulphur to the scent of maple?

There are many reasons why people prefer certain scents to others, according to Dr. Michael D. Siegel, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

A person may be attracted to certain scented foods because they are more relaxing, or because they’re easier to clean, or may simply be attracted by a certain scent.

“There are many things that you can put a value on, and the smell is one of those things,” Siegel told ABC News.

“The thing is, it’s not the most important one.”

Siegel says that the reason for people preferring certain scours over others may have something to do with scent perception, or how people interpret scent.

The human nose senses chemical compounds in certain scorsols, or scents.

A human body can smell up to 100 different chemicals, but only about 2 percent of the molecules in our skin have any scent.

A scented plant can have up to 30,000 different chemicals in its flowers, while a scentless plant can only have about 5,000.

“So there are many factors that come into play, and scent perception is one example,” Sieg said.

Some people may be more sensitive to odors, and therefore prefer certain smells, Siegel said.

People are also attracted to scents that are familiar, and also the scent that is associated with familiar objects.

For example, some people find it hard to distinguish a fresh lemon scent from a lemon that is just dried, Sauer said.

The scent of an object can also be linked to the person’s personal values.

“Some people may like something that is familiar to them, and this may explain why they might choose to pick up a lemon and sniff it,” Sauer explained.

The same applies to sex, as well.

Sauer says that women are more attracted to the smell and texture of men, as they’re less likely to have a crush on someone that is a man, which could also explain why men are more likely to prefer women that are more masculine.

The more women that you know, the more likely you are to prefer a feminine, masculine scent, Sieg explained.

“This is because women are much more likely than men to find a male-like smell pleasant,” he said.

“They may not like the smell as much, but they’re more likely.”

So if you want to feel more masculine, go for a male scented object.

“I think that you need to try out new scents, even if you don’t want to become one of the guys that is attracted to this one,” Sank said.

And if you’re into scents of all sorts, Sank recommends that you get a whiff of every one of your favorite things, even though you may not really like it.

“You may like one, but not like it, or it may be quite pleasant, and you can then experiment and try it again,” Sike said.

Sank adds that the scent you are most attracted to will vary based on what your tastes are.

“For some people, the smell that they associate with is something that they are looking for,” Sinker said.

For others, it may just be something that reminds them of their childhood or past.

For Siegel and others, the key is to learn what smells are for you, and what scents are for your friends and family.