Chilliwack lodge says it’s closing due to climate change

Chilliwacks resort and lodge on the east coast of British Columbia will close due to rising temperatures.

The lodge, which opened in 1980, is situated in the Okanagan Valley near the mouth of the B.C. Great Bear Rainforest.

The resort is expected to reopen by summer.

The Okanagans Premier Christy Clark said the decision was made after a review of the existing conditions and climate change impacts.

The facility is located in a unique spot, with a low elevation, exposed rock face and abundant water.

A climate change adaptation plan has been put in place to deal with climate change in the region.

The Chilliwak resort is a former mining town that’s also home to the Okans world-renowned Okanagi Falls.

The B. C. Forest Service is also monitoring the climate and its effects.