The Lad’s new home at the lodge

In an effort to keep his house in the family, the former St. John’s Lutheran Church, now the Lad Lodge, will move to a new home in the heart of New Brunswick’s Niagara Falls.

The Lad lodge will be located at the Niagara Falls Community Association’s new community centre on the east side of Niagara Falls, said James Burtch, the lodge’s president and CEO.

The lodge will move into the new space and be known as the Niagara River Lodge, Burtchuk said.

Ladder house for the lodgeThe new space will be for the Lad lodge to house the lodge, he said.

The new space is the third time the lodge has been in the Niagara area, and the first time it’s been moved, he added.

He said the lodge will now serve as a place for families to socialize.

Burtchuk noted the lodge already had a social club at the time of its relocation to the new facility.

“It’s a nice change for us,” he said, noting it was important for the organization to have an organization with a history in Niagara Falls and a lot of heritage.

St. John the Baptist church and St. Thomas Church were also relocated, Bustchuk said, and they are still in the building.

When the Lad was founded in 1874, its original congregation consisted of about 250 members, he noted.

In addition to the lodge in Niagara, the Lad also operates a community centre, a restaurant and a clothing store.

Since it was founded, the organization has had several members leave their positions and move away from the Niagara region, Burdch said.