What’s in a name? ‘Cedar Lodge’ is a bit of a wild card

A ‘CEDAR LODGE’ is just what the doctor ordered for the man who found himself in the crosshairs of police and his neighbours.

The man, a farmer from Kirtland, New South Wales, had spent hours researching his property, but found that the ‘cedar lodge’ on his property did not exist.

“I went out and I went down and I looked at the property, I couldn’t find it.

I looked up the street, I went through the fence and I couldn-not find it,” he said.

He then found that it was actually an old ‘Buckley’ house, but that it wasn’t actually owned by anyone.

But he had no idea what to do next.

As he drove away, he spotted the ‘Cedar Lodge’ sign on his car window.

A few hours later, a neighbour found the sign, contacted the police, and found out that the man was a local farmer, and that he was in the process of getting the land back.

This man says he has no regrets about his actions on the site.

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