Big Sur Lodge’s Bryce Canyon Lodge closed, but guests can still stay in ‘special’ lodge


— The Bryce Canyon Resort is offering a special deal on rooms to stay at the Big Sur lodge in the Big Bear Lake Wilderness on Saturday, May 15.

The reservation for Big Sur is now open for reservations for the next four nights, which include a two-night stay at Bryce Canyon lodge.

If you are planning to stay on this weekend, you can get in on the offer on Thursday, May 14 and Friday, May 17.

To do so, register online at and fill out the form on the left.

It’s not just the lodges that are selling rooms at this time of year.

We’ve heard from some guests who are getting in on this deal that they are not getting the lodging they expected.

Hotel operators are also offering a discount on rooms.

If you are staying in the lodge on the weekend, stay on-site until May 15, when your rooms are due to be paid for.