Which of these two signs will you see first?

On one of these days, I was going to be out at the signal mountain lodge.

I was hoping that my first glimpse of the beautiful scenery would be a sign that the lodge was at an elevation above the ocean.

Instead, I had to wait about 10 minutes and saw no sign of the lodge, except for the light on the other side of the road.

I didn’t even have a clue where I was.

As the sun was setting, I noticed a sign at the edge of the path saying that the mountain was about to be closed, and that people were required to remain on the mountain.

I had seen the sign before, and I had no reason to be suspicious.

But when I looked closer, I saw that the sign was no longer there.

I started to walk away.

I felt a sudden wave of sadness as I realised I hadn’t seen the lodge before.

I decided to go home.

I didn’t return home.

As I was walking down the mountain towards home, I realised that the sun had gone down and there was no sign to show where I’d been.

It was still about 12.30pm, and the sky was clear and warm.

I took the opportunity to check my phone and found a photo of the mountain, which I used to put my name to, and a message from the lodge.

The sign at Graves Mountain Lodge, a visitor attraction on the Graves Coast in the far north, was gone, and was not seen again until a few days later.

I spent several nights in the lodge as the lights were turned off and the lights of the other sign were switched off.

It was then that I realised how lucky I was, and how lucky the locals were.

I remember being very excited and wanting to make sure I had a photo or two, so I could send it to my family.

I decided to take a walk to the lodge the next day.

I walked through the gate and saw nothing but a light on either side of me.

I looked up and saw a small patch of ground, and realised that this was where the lodge had once been.

When I was told that it was closed and that no one was allowed to enter, I cried.

I cried because I couldn’t believe I’d just left the lodge that night, and had no idea where I had been.

I walked away, feeling as though I had done something that I shouldn’t have done, and thinking about all the people who had been there.

There were hundreds of people, and it was such a lonely place, and so very sad.

I’ve now moved back to my native town, and hope to return to Graves one day, as it’s one of the best hikes in Ireland.

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