‘Big Cypress Lodge’ gets approval to open in ‘Big C’

Big Cypress is in a rush to open a lodge that it says will be “the first big lodge to be established in the Great Cascades.”

The lodge is slated to open by the end of 2018.

Its website says it will offer a “quiet and relaxed” setting, with its own kitchen, fire pit and outdoor seating.

But the lodge’s website also notes the lodge will be open to “all levels of experience” and offers outdoor living and fishing facilities.

Its website also states that it will be closed to the public on May 3, 2019.

It will have the facilities of a lodge with the lodge itself.

The lodge will have a kitchen, fireplace, bath and fire pit, with a fire pit in the front of the lodge and a fire in the rear.

The building will be designed with “natural light, natural ventilation and natural light ventilation” in mind, the website says.

The lodge’s official website says the lodge is the first of its kind in the Cascadia region.

It says the purpose of the Big Cypresses Lodge is to provide an escape from the stress and pain of modern life.

“It’s not about the lodger’s or the lodge owner’s comfort, it’s about the lodge community’s comfort,” the lodge says on its website.