How to build a cabin near you

It may seem like a simple task, but a cabin on a lake in North Carolina could become a landmark of sorts.

A new lodge called The Cabin, located on the shore of Deer Creek Lodge, is just one of many to open in the coming months in what is now the nation’s first wilderness cabin park.

The Cabin is a two-story cabin built in the 1920s.

The first of the lodge’s six buildings was built to house the cabin’s owners.

The cabin has become a tourist attraction since the cabin opened in 2013.

The Cabin was the first outdoor cabin built on a private property in North America.

Aerial views of the cabin are now available to visitors, who can use their own vehicles to visit the cabin or park.

At first, visitors were able to take a cab across Deer Creek Lake, but the cabin eventually became a two story structure.

In 2017, the cabin hosted a “land and water” event, when people from the region participated in hiking and fishing.

The land and water event is now closed to the public.

This year, The Cabin will host a family-friendly family vacation that is open to the general public and will be open to families with a valid ID, which will be needed to enter the cabin.